About me

I am Cedric Anderson. I have been making websites for years, and I have taught front-end development in private schools for over years. I have developed many small websites for artists and freelancers, I have also developed larger and far more challenging websites for law firms and clinics, and have worked on huge websites for government agencies in Montreal. I studied multimedia integration, art design, and social media marketing. I consider myself a front-end specialist, but I do pretty much everything on the back-end as well. Most of the job I currently do is coding custom-designed WordPress themes for small business and sometime hosting them. Since I started developing websites, I have kept myself up-to-date on the new trends in web coding and design. Also, I am super curious so I learn anything that has to do with the web (new frameworks, SEO, SEM, security, social media marketing) and other programming languages outside the web realm like Machine Learning. I am originally from Montreal (Canada), but right now I'm enjoying a digital nomad life in Mexico City with my partner and our 1 year old daughter.

Why coding.cafe?

Here is my story. In the past two years, I have became interested in computer security in general, and website security in particular. I think every developer should have at least basic knowledge on how to secure a website. Two of my customers's websites were hacked last year and while trying to figure out how the hackers got in, I got really intrigued and tried to learn as much as I could about web security. Early this year, I decided to make a move and learn web security: I subscribed to an online class, bought lots of books, read many articles and watched hundreds of videos. Then it struck me: the online class I took focus on specific stuff; the books I bought are all really good, but I don't know in which order I should read them. Also, some videos and articles contradict each other, so I wonder which ones I should trust. In short, I have felt lost while learning web security, because I have lacked a structure and some kind of guidance. That is why I created coding.cafe.

I created Coding.cafe to solve 3 problems I have experienced while learning a new skill:

  1. I have no learning path
  2. I don't practice
  3. It is difficult to stay motivated

The first problem is related to these important questions: how can I learn a new skill if I don't know where to start? How can I improve or update my coding skills, and when should I stop reading and start “making”?

The second problem is the lack of practice. Thing is, oftentimes I find a series of exercises online, but I won't do them myself. It's very difficult to remember something I have just learned if I don't practice. This is especially true with coding.

The last problem is how to stay focused and keep motivated while learning. I am not disciplined and to be honest, I am quite lazy. Most of the time, I will get super excited about learning something, I will make a very good plan and even be proud of it, but I will not follow it. In short, I tend to drop the ball.

And that is exactly what coding.cafe is about. Don't drop the ball! I designed a roadmap for you to learn the basics of Front-hand development and strategies to keep on it. I will be a kind of coach/mentor who will answer to your questions and follow up on you to ensure you keep motivated and get your website up and running at a very low price.