<h1>Front-End Web Development</h1>

Front end web development is the practice of converting data to graphical interface for user to view and interact with data through digital interaction using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Learn how to make simple websites in 8 weeks. In this learning path, you will learn how to write accessible, semantic HTML. Make amazing grids, gorgeous animations and simple but effective interactions with CSS. You will also learn the basic of Javascript to further interact with the visitors, complex animations and pretty much anything you dream of. But making websites is not only about coding, you will get to know also about web hosting, optimization for search engines, how to plug external services to you website and how to make sure your website is best viewed on all devices.

What is it?

What make coding.cafe so special?

You are not alone

This is not ordinary online class. This is a curated learning path that we follow together. I will make sure that you keep at it and finish the path with success!

Project based learning

Every days you will have a project to work on to practice what you just learn. Those exercises will be as close as possible to what you would do in real life.

Slack Community

To share ideas, help each others, keep in touch with me and, sometime, a kick in the ass to help you keep at it

Fridays live streams

A live stream on Fridays where I share thoughts, give advices, answer questions and have fun.

Feedback Sessions

You have a project in mind? We all do. We will have special days on Slack + Google Hangout where everyone will give their inputs to help you make your project an amazing one.

For future freelancers

There is portion on the content of this class that are specifically oriented toward those who want to become freelancer. how to promote yourself, how to find your first gig, etc.

What you will learn

8 weeks of amazing stuff!

Week 1

The first week, you will learn what is exactly a website, what are the components, the tools you need and the must-have materials. Then, you'll get to know HTML. From how to put a word in bold to how to make semantic web pages with complex tables and forms.

The projects for that week will be quite simple since we don't do any design. But they will still be good practice to understand everything you need to know about HTML.

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Week 2

In the second week, we will start to design the shit out of our HTML projects. You will learn how to change the colors, size and position of everything on a web page. You will also learn basic animation and transformation, and how to create a grid to give shape to your pages.

This week projects will be really interesting since we will take what we did the first week and make them awesome. Everything will start to make sense.

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Week 3

Third week is an exciting one. We will start making a real website of your choosing. we will implement everything you learn so far, but also new knowledge like how to implement SEO, structured data, and see together how to make sure your website look good on all devices.

Then, we will go deeper in CSS animations and transformation. We will see what HTML5 have more to offer and learn how to test our website on all browser. You will also get know Bootstrap. Not that you should use it, but it's important that you understand what it is since so much website use it.

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Week 4

week 4 is the start of real coding. You will have an introduction to Javascript, the scripting language most used on website in the world. You will get the basic concept of coding like with variables, arrays, objects and how to play with them. If it's not enough, you will also learn what are loops and conditions. And with those concepts, you will be able to do a lot!

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Week 5

The DOM... This is when everything start to fall in place. You will learn how to use Javascript to interact with your web page by modifying it, adding and remove stuff from it and the like. You will also get to know JQuery. If you plan to look for a job in the field, you must know how to use it and the good news is that it make using Javascript so much easier!

You will also see what are your options in term of hosting. what is the best ones based on your personal project. Also, what are the other stuff your website need like a sitemap, the htaccess and robots.txt files.

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Week 6

How people add a comment section? How a blog work? What is an API and how we use it? How do we connect social medias? How do we do more complicated stuff like a images gallery or a slider? Basically, we'll get deeper into your website to make it amazing.

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Week 7

You are almost done! That week will be the last week on actual coding. we will see a strange thing called Ajax, which can make your website truely a professional one. That is an advanced topic and we will pass the week on it to make sure you understand all the aspects of it.

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Week 8

For this week, you will put your website online for the world to see. And.. no one will see it... Time to learn how to promote it! you will learn how to make a simple marketing plan, what are the essentials to make sure you get people visiting your website and keep coming back. Normally, the marketing plan is supose to be done before the website, but since it's not everyone that want to learn how to promote, we kept this part for the end.

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